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Professional software tests

November 20, 2009

A new service from T-Systems Switzerland puts company software through its paces. These testing services mean that banks can reduce their business risks.
Testing Services
T-Systems testing services ensure that company software is of the highest quality. “This is crucial, because software errors can seriously disrupt business processes, especially at the interface to other systems”, states Lorenzo Zoccoletti, Head of Banking Solutions at T-Systems Schweiz AG.
At the same time, the organisational separation of software development from specialist and technical testing increases quality. The professional testing management from the specialists at T-Systems helps errors to be detected quickly and securely, thus saving follow-on costs caused by downtimes and software improvements.
Systematic testing of banking platforms
Software quality is especially important for banks. “The banks’ requirements and the ever shorter software innovation cycles lead to a higher number of critical errors, and thus to a greater business risk”, explains Zoccoletti. For this reason his testing team work out of Zurich, using a special test factory platform directly in the customer’s network. The test reports are used by the banks for corrections and modifications.
In future other sectors too will be able to benefit from this professional test management: “Particularly where software is business critical, quality assurance plays a decisive role”, says Martin Weiß, Sales Manager Testing Services at T-Systems International.